Irgendwo in Schweden

Irgendwo in Schweden
Dori und Scho Seppe

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012


Forelle, Müllerin Art, gefüllt mit Petersilie, dazu sächsischer und bayerischer Kartoffelsalat und Viechtacher Bier

Altes Weihnachtslied aus dem Erzgebirge: HIER


  1. Wonderful togetherness at the Stuffer house! Merry Christmas to all.

    1. O, Ramona, sweetest friend, and Stille Linde, lovely fisher-girl, this evening I opened your parcels, and I am over and over fascinated about this combination of presents. An e-mail is on hurrying four hen-wings over the forests and meadows and over the ocean. Have a wonderful night, it's still Christmas. The deer may visit you in your dreams and heart!