Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint

Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint
Mit Schaf Jorinde und Franzhörnchen, dem Schweizer Bergschaf

Montag, 3. Dezember 2012

Bird Restaurants - "The Three" tauschen sich aus...

Kohl- und Blaumeisen "fensterln" am Stufferhaus
Bayern: Auf dem Fensterbrett vom Zimmer des Seglers/Stufferhaus pickt eine Kohlmeise die Kerne eines reifen Sonnenblumen-Kopfes. Im großen "Teebaum" vor dem Fenster ist morgens immer ein reges Getümmel von Meisen, auch hier gibt's viel zu picken.

Belgien: Stille Linde hat mehrere Vogel-Restaurants, die gerne von Kohlmeisen besucht werden: My bird is a "koolmees" (pronounced like coalmaze). Here many of them live close to the elder tree as they are fond of the special elder tree lice!
Bird-Restaurants in Belgien
Ramona, Northern Illinoys, meldet sich:  Happy to see you here :) This my first experience with the koolmees. Very sweet looking bird! Here is my bird this morning:

Bird-Restaurant in Northern Illinois
 This red bird is a male Cardinal, they love sunflower seeds and often come to bird feeders.


OH WHAW !!! :)
and beautiful bird house !!

Wichtige Anleitung "Vögel richtig füttern" HIER

Und hier der 3. Engel-Impuls 


  1. Thank you for this feature Dori. it is still mild weather here. When the snows come there will be plenty of feasting birds!!

    1. Hallo, Ramona, I like your bird-restaurant very much, because it is nice and a good construction for setting the seeds not into the shitt, this is important for the health of the birds.

      You are a good healer, Ramona, your and Stille Linde's healing-massage-exercises for my surgery-pain work perfect, I don't need any pain-medicine now. Thank you!! Thank you, Stille Linde!!

    2. This is great news! Please still take care of it. To watch the birds taking just the right foods and resting shows us how to take care of ourselves.

    3. You are so right, Ramona!