Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof

Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof
Meine Tier-Freunde und ich mit Osterkranz

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Nach dem Alm-Abtrieb

Der Schnee kommt je nach Gebirgshöhe manchmal schon Ende August, auf jeden Fall aber bereits im September, so daß die Sennerinnen mit ihren Kühen die Almhütte verlassen und in feierlichem Schmuck hinunter ins Tal ziehen. Es ist die Zeit der "Introversion" in die Enge des Stalles.

Die Tiere sind heil hinunter gekommen. Auf der Alpe liegt Schnee. Die Sennerin ist voller Dankbarkeit.

Der gelbe Schein der Forsythia leuchtet noch und schon vom Frühling her.

Bienenwachs/Öl auf Gemälde in Batik-Technik vom April diesen Jahres. Format: groß

Karin geht mit den Kühen ins Tal (Hallo, Karin!)
Die Sennerin
Gesicht der Sennerin
Detail mit Kuh
nochmal Detail mit Kuh
Huhn und Hahn
Kopf Hirsch
Gemälde von Christopher Paudiß, 1630-1666, (Diözesanmuseum Freising) "Kälberhandel"


  1. This is the best I know from you, it is incredible, so much light and subtlety and depth - as if the air and the light everywhere in the painting are real air and real light, so everything is alive there. It is almost unbearable, so good, so mysterious.

  2. Hey, Stille Linde, this is my Tonight and my Tomorrow, these your words now. I live with this painting every day since nearly one week. It was "Forsythia" in former times, but still there was the air not "real", and it was not awake to live then, you know, what I mean. And suddenly - after half a year, the horses changed into cows and the Forsythia changed into yellow forsythia-light-vision. Thank you very much!

  3. Ah yes, the horses changed into cows, now I understand and remember, I was confused : have I seen this work before or not ... but the horses changed into cows :) I love everything in this painting, also the faces of animals and humans - full of feeling and of life - and also the beautiful mystery-face above/behind die Sennerin.

  4. The face - you see it? It was really NOT my purpose to let this face be, but it is here. Sometimes paintings do, what THEY want :)

  5. I know, Dori, these things happen. I see it very clearly, it is a wonderful wonderful mystery-face.

  6. You are a blessed artist, so you see things between reality and transcendence, which cannot be recognized by many other people, so you can show secret things to other people.