Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof

Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof
Meine Tier-Freunde und ich mit Osterkranz

Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Der Engel mit dem feurigen Gesicht

In meiner neuen Serie "Sommer-Engel" sind neu entstanden:

- der Engel mit dem feurigen Gesicht 

- Engel "Paeraffaelit"

- Gesicht von Engel "Paeraffaelit"

-  Vollansicht "Paeraffaelit"

Hinweis: Die Praeraffaeliten waren eine Gruppe von englischen Malern aus der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts, die - aus einer Sehnsucht nach dem damaligen Geist - im Stil von Raffael zu malen sich vorgenommen haben.


  1. In each of these angels I see fire and peace, strength, power and humble devotion. How is all this possible together?
    Never before were these angels made visible. I have the feeling they are perfect.

    1. Great thoughts, Stille Linde! Yes: How is all this possible together? Well, I think: all this MUST be together - connected by the Holy Spirit.
      Thank you for your feeling, that they are perfect. I still plan to "produce" (fire in my hands :) ) some more of them. Carola said today, visiting me: "We need a lot of them..."

    2. Yes Dori, indeed all these qualities are meant to go together, but we see this quite seldom in the world... the blessed fire in your hands!!!

    3. Yes, you are completely right. Only a devote soul can be a good sevant of the Lover and fullfill hard or high or difficult or very humble tasks.

      Whowww: blessed fire in my hands....thank you, blessed maidservant!