Irgendwo in Schweden

Irgendwo in Schweden
Dori und Scho Seppe

Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Frisch ausgekratzt ins neue Jahr!

Hallo, heute zeige ich Euch, dass ich dem Scho Seppe ganz alleine die Hufe auskratzen kann!!

Foto und Film: Xaver


  1. Gut gemacht, liebe Dori.
    Gruß. Hajo

  2. Dori, that little pony is SOOOOO adorable!
    Happy New Year to you and yours; may it be filled with God's blessings, multiplied.

    1. Thank you VERY much, dear Thistle!

      And I shall say a lot of greetings from Xaver to you. He wants to plant a lot of thistles for a fence around his farm. He often asks me about "Thistle" and he wants to see a photo of you :)