Irgendwo in Schweden

Irgendwo in Schweden
Dori und Scho Seppe

Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

Blechfigur "Pilgerin", Ölkreide auf Rost

Die rostige Figur von gestern ist nun - vielleicht - eine wandernde Dori geworden....


  1. A yellow flower is following....I think the pilgrim has a look of devout determination. Wonderful colors and lines!! Beautiful!!

    1. Happy birtaday, Ramona1 The video for your birthady is uploaded now!

      THANK YOU for ALL!!

  2. Yes, the YELLOW FLOWER!!! Its yor birthdy-present, Ramona, pilgrim-girl!

  3. Yes Dori, stille linde and I have emails for you. We will send when you have the problem fixed.

    I loved the video!!!!!! I made an email in response to the video. You will see it soon or if not I will post it here. XO!!