Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint

Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint
Mit Schaf Jorinde und Franzhörnchen, dem Schweizer Bergschaf

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Nightmare before Christmas

Als wir gerade wiedermal in unserer friedlich eingeschneiten Ranch an unserem Iglo- und Gangsystem weiterarbeiteten, kam plötzlich ohne Ankündigung aus einer Schneewolke ein Mann mit einem langen Bart und einem schweren Sack auf dem Rücken daher. Er legte den Sack vor die Haustüre und ging flugs von hinnen.
"Ui! Gold!!" sagte der Schafhirt und öffnete fröhlich den Sack. Doch es kam lauter schwarzer Teer zum Vorschein. "Das hätte ich nicht gedacht!", sagte der Schafhirt, "Ich hab doch Gold bestellt..."


  1. Ah, but this is a beautiful nightmare :-)
    True gold can not be ordered, but also things are not what they seem ...
    I am working on a story to publish on blogger soon, a real story with pictures, about One who is really dark as tar but who brings only real life stories of golden hearts ...

  2. You are SO beautiful, Stille Linde!!

  3. Today, I was cleaning, and thoughts about your nightmare were weaving carpets of meaning inside ...
    1. Tar is very useful to protect a house against rain, snow, water... Tar protects boats so they won't sink. More useful than gold. My life, right now, asks me to take care of the house and of some administration, before I go on with the gold of art and spirit.
    2. There is tar in the deep and true fairytales about Frau Holle.
    3. The bag of black tar reminds me of the black stone of the alchemists ... it is their work and their spiritual practice to transform the black stone into pure gold.
    4. As artist, we can not order gold. We make it, and to do so we need earth and even tar. The beings who live in the heavens and who travel through clouds know this : they know that, thank God, they can give us the tar, we know how to make gold ... At least you know, Dori :-)
    Now Stille Linde goes to her own bag of tar quickly :-) before the tar is thrown over my lazy beauty :-)

  4. On the same day I was cleaning my house, too :)
    Very interesting assiciations. I will read this comment more than one time.