Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint

Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint
Mit Schaf Jorinde und Franzhörnchen, dem Schweizer Bergschaf

Freitag, 9. September 2011

Aus einer alten Truhe (2)

Schaut, was ich auf einem nicht perfekt aufgeräumten Speicher gefunden habe:

Hans und Maria mit Sohn Klaus
Bewegliches Mosaik
Dori, 16
Porzellanpuppe "Marlies"
Original "Steiff"-Schäfchen
Kinder-Rechenmaschine und Zoo
Puppen "Sonja und Ute"
Detail Kasperltheater
Zeitungsausschnitt aus dem 2.Weltkrieg


  1. A treasure, and that photo of you is sooo beautiful :-) Thank you Dori, and take well care of your finger.

  2. Wonderful old treasures! Thank you Dori for sharing.
    I recognize you right away! very sweet and beautiful.

  3. Its nice to think of you spending time with your sisters. Your mom is happy to see this.

  4. My dear sisters, thank you for walking with me into some former times! Yes, I mean I feel my mother and father, sometimes they throw some cones to show us some hidden treasures in dark edges in the quixotic house (flat).I think I have to save some old things for the future, so I have a walk from past to future.

    I found some treasure, a kind of very small photo-diary made of my father, when he had the first baby (=my elder sister), and I saw, that he really was an angel, -I think somehow he was too fine for this world. He was 25 years old, when he had his fist daughter and in his brain five years filled with second world-war and nothing, nearly nothing more,and the photo-diary is so soft and dreamy.

    On Tuesday the big car will come with five strong men who have to empty the rooms completely. It is a special time and experience now.

    I am looking forward to the new ART-season (with you!).

  5. Thank you for this letter. My thoughts go with you during this special time.
    I'm also excited about new Art season. It will be EXTRANO!

  6. Schööön das Spielzeug, ich hoffe du hast es gut aufbewahrt