Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint

Irgendwo an einem Ort, wo die Zeit still zu stehen scheint
Mit Schaf Jorinde und Franzhörnchen, dem Schweizer Bergschaf

Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

My story with Scho Seppe

Scho Seppe was braught to Kapplhof by a cattle dealer a few years ago. He looked completely sweet, but also he did not look so good, his coat had several hairless spots, because he had to spend all the winter in a closed stable trailed beside a cow, and the cow was always licking on his coat (Karin said: poor cow also!). And during the summer Scho Seppe had a job as a "mowing-machine" alone on a hillside - not too healthy for a pony -. So I bought him spontaneous. Xaver had the idea, I paid the money :)
I did not know anything about horses! Scho Seppe was very unsettled, jumped over everybody and ran away, and we had to catch him every second day in another village. The police said: " Xaver! Take care! Next time we will shoot him!" And we answered: "Yes, yes, we will build a good fence tomorrow..." The sheep were very anxious. They stood in the rain and Scho Seppe was alone the chief in the stable. After some time and "learning by doing" (Karl-Heinz) he became more and more quiet and confident. He was afraid to be sold again! Several cowboys came and wanted to have him, but we did not give him away. Slowly we developed our Kappl-Feng-Shui-Open-Stable for sheep and pony living peaceful together.
In winter 2008/9 I had a bad influence and allergy, so I decided with tears to give him to a place with other horses. I found Mooshütte. They liked him and Scho Seppe was welcome by Max and Pepper. But maybe because of his childhood and other causes he made more and more problems. He hated the box! He broke through all electric-fences and visited the guests in their sleeping-rooms and hunted children. He wanted to say: "I want back to Kapplhof!" Last summer he came back to us and all are happy again...

mit Max und Pepper auf der Mooshütte
Willi besucht Scho Seppe in der Box
erste Nacht wieder daheim im Kapplhof, Sommer 2010


  1. For being inexperienced with horse you and Xavier have done a great job with Scho Seppe. It takes a lot of patience and understanding when animals have had bad experiences in the past. They can't tell us what happened but if we watch and wait, we come to know. Thank you for the story.:)

  2. Dear Dori, the second time I looked at this post, I did read : Mystery with Scho Seppe. Are not all our friendships with animals mysteries ??? :-) Because we don't know, what it is all about, what happens in this other creature and in the depths / heights of ourselves and what is "woven" in between us. I write this, looking at my dear friend Akinobu (the mother cat) in her basket beside me on the table. She befriended a Rotkehlchen today !!! incredible :)))) so beautiful !!! from the bavarian forest, she meowed.

  3. Yes, all friendships are mysteries, really! Thank you, Ramona and Stille Linde sending your deep feelings to this special mystery.

  4. Hi, Manu, hab Dich in Frankreich gefunden! Grüße und schöne Zeit! Grüße an Sophie! Übrigens ist das heraussprossende Grün noch zu unspektakulär, evtl. auf gelben Löwenzahn warten, ich halt die Augen offen!