Tag- und Nachtgleiche 2018, 18.30 Uhr MEZ

Tag- und Nachtgleiche 2018, 18.30 Uhr MEZ
Nordic-Waidler-Dori und ihre Kraft-Tiere

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Zwei Einsiedler geben Antwort

Die Frage, die ich stelle, ist nicht einfach. I try to translate the dialect of the "wise rancher"
I ask: " I wonder about living and passing away, and I do not know, what I shall think, can you give me some answer? What do we need to be happy?"
Xaver says: "What's the matter? Don't worry too much! We only are guests here on earth and we peregrinate restless around with a lot of troubles, - isn't it so, Enzo? But try to be as happy as possible, even when you don't have a perfect health. We go on our way straight to our eternal home. Live is short, you feel this, when you become elder. I am now a half century old."
Enzo needs for to be happy one million Euro, a few beautiful women and a good health. Here his telephone-number: 015784764355. Er wartet auf Euren Anruf!

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