Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof

Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof
Meine Tier-Freunde und ich mit Osterkranz

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

My story with Foxi and Nanuk

One day I came to Kapplhof as every day. Xaver ran to me and shouted: "Look, come!! I found two very beautiful baby cats in the HOUBON", that is Bavarian-Wood-dialect and means: "under the roof". I said: "Make it yourself! I am not interested in your baby cats!" But I followed him and looked. I did not have any chance: my heart was bleeding: Xaver and me caught the two little crying feather-balls, and I put them into my car to bring them first to the veterinarian, because they were ill (kitty flu). The therapy is not too complicated, you have to give some antibiotics for several days. So I said to Xaver: "But you can be shure, I will bring them back to you very soon!!". They were small, and their mother did not come since five days. We were sure, she has died...
Xaver did not get back them again. They were too lovely! They spent all time together. The red-white-colored was Foxi, the white one was Nanuk.
But Nanuk lived only one beautiful summer, climbing into the silent beech, running with Foxi trough the green meadows. He died by a car one dark November evening. For a long time Foxi was searching him, and I imagined him following me on my strolls with Timmibear (dog). I stopped crying when I was shure: a little time, and we will meet again in heaven, laughing, laughing, laughing.

Katzenfrühstück 1
Katzenfrühstück 2
Zwei weiße Engel
Die Zwillinge
Immer zusammen
Immer zusammen 2
Foxi studiert mit Manuel
In der Kiefer
Vor Müdigkeit umgefallen
Foxi schläft beim Bloggen ein


  1. Habe noch 2 Fotos hinzugefügt: "Immer zusammen 2" und "in der Kiefer" und den link "Katzennschnupfen" in Ordnung gebracht. Es war wohl gestern doch etwas spät. :) Jetzt aber schleunigst ins Malerzimmer, ein Bild wartet. Schönen Tag Euch allen!

  2. Wonderful wonderful story Dori! The white cat was indeed beautiful.Such wonderful photos of the two siblings very healthy. Dr. Xavier is always finding kittens! What will we do with him!

  3. i like all these photos ans memories!

  4. We too we have cat zwillinge :) immer zusammen :))
    This morning I've sent a link to your paintings to my friend Lutgarde - without much explanation - and after seeing your work she answered that you are eine Verwandte Seele for me and even that we are like Eineiige Zwillinge :-)

  5. Thank you Ramona for the energy of your heart! Dr. Xavier - - well, I must laugh about your exact feelings :) Yes, Nanuk was so very nice...

    Hallo, Manuel, I feel also rich because of these memories (and actualities). Thank you for watching the Blog!

    Hi, Stille Linde, Really: not only your friend Lutgarde recognized - without much explanation - a certain relationship in our "picture-world". Also Hilde (you know her from "wolfgangiblog", my pilgrim-sister), said to me some time ago, when I showed her some drawings of you from your Blog, that we are very similar. Thank you for showing my work to Lutgarde. It is a honor for me.

    FOR ALL: I have problems with my e- mails!!! I cannot send or receive e- mails.I need urgently help from Johannes, but he is still in Munic.

  6. Great! I solved the problem myself! Back from my excursion to the end of the world! I can hear you again, HAPPYNESS!!