Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof

Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof
Meine Tier-Freunde und ich mit Osterkranz

Dienstag, 10. Mai 2011

Sitting in the Silent Beech

In my garden there is a lovely tree, a beech. Am Tag sitzen die Vögel in ihrer Krone und singen um die Wette: Der Star, die Amsel, das Rotkehlchen, der Gartenrotschwanz, der Zilpzalp und die Grasmücke. In the evening the birds look for their sleeping-places and hide between the whispering leaves. Und ich setze mich auf einen Ast und lese Spanische Mystik:

"Oh bosques y espesuras
Plantadas por la mano del Amado,
Oh prado de verduras,
Deflores esmaltado,
Decid si por vosotros ha pasado"

Der Dichter beschreibt, wie das Unsichtbare an Gott für die Seele erkennbar durch die geschaffenen sichtbaren und unsichtbaren Dinge wird. Die "bosques y espesuras" sind reichhaltige Wälder und Gebüsche: These are the four elements ERDE, WASSER, LUFT und FEUER. They are very lovely, because they are populated with a countless amount of creatures: On the EARTH there are a lot of animals, in the WATER the fisches, birds in the SKY and the FIRE is necessary to give them all warmth and life. Die "prado de verduras" sind die immergrünen Wiesen. Die Seele betrachtet den Himmel, den sie "immergrüne Wiesen" nennt, weil in ihm immer alles frisch bleibt. This word "evergreen" the church uses also for the matters of heaven, when she prays for the decedents, the Lord may set them into the evergreen meadows, das heißt, Gott möge ihnen die unvergängliche Beseligung zuteil werden lassen.....

Literatur: "Geistlicher Gesang" des hl. Johannes vom Kreuz
Foto: Segler


  1. And in the trees there are amazing birds ! we could not believe if they would not come to us and show us their feathers and fine beaks and happy eyes :))) Thank you, Dori, for this picture and for this inspiring explanation - it brings the seed of many drawings still to come. May I ask, do you read this in Spanish, in the original words? I can't ...

  2. Wonderful that you are sitting in a tree with your book, making you feel like a young girl. Something changes in us when we are held in the branches of a tree, especially a magical "silent" beech.

  3. Two voices , silent voices in a loud world, voices full of sensitivity,loving birds and trees, understanding them by heart, and I have the honor to listen to them. This is a wonder.

    I do not speak Spain, I only wrote these original verses because it looks and sounds so nice. And in this evening it was as warm as in "Finisterre" :)