Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof

Am Gnadenhof Xaverhof
Meine Tier-Freunde und ich mit Osterkranz

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Two birds came into my hut - a wonder

The shepherd girl was sitting in her hut and drawing and painting and dreaming. Suddenly two birds flew coincident into the open door: One came from Northern Illinois over snow and ice and over the ocean, the other bird came from Belgium over woods, mud and pools. Both brought a drawing. The shepherd girl recognized herself in two situations and felt a deep, deep closeness by two wonderful artists far away but so near, friends, who communicate so tender and sensitive with the creatures surrounding them and changing them into art.

Ramona aus Northern Illinois: Hirtenmädel und Fuchs
Stille Linde aus Belgien: Hirtenmädel mit Huhn und Hirsch
Über dem Hirtenmädel ein Singvogel auf einem Ast
Über dem Hirtenmädel ein Boot und Herzenslicht

Wahre Schätze auf meinem Küchentisch - danke, meine tollen Künstler-Herzensfreundinnen !


  1. Well, it is strange and wonderful and remarkable how much these two women resemble each other : mine with the hen and Ramona's woman with the fox. Both embracing an animal, with the same care and tenderness, both have their head lightly covered.

  2. O Stille Linde, I feel a great wonder and inspiration with you and Ramona. So valuable! Did I tell you, that I would like from you a deer and a hen? Its so very phantastik, I cannot say.

  3. Yes Stille Linde, strange and wonderful and remarkable. I can only say that our friend Dori has inspired a deep connection with the love she feels for the animals and people that she cares for that is transferred into her art and is like a light that shines bright.

  4. Dori, no you did not tell me that you wished a deer and a hen from me. The hen is of course our dear Else. And the deer ... I could have drawn a sheep or a pony for you, but I drew a deer.
    I am so happy to see it in that beautiful sacred place of your home :-)

    Ramona, something is travelling over the ocean, but is far, very far :-) but it comes to you :X

  5. My dearest artists and sheep-friends, you really make me very, very happy!!
    Ramona, your words are so fantastic, they give me virtue to carry on, although there are sometimes hot tears...
    Stille Linde, I am so very impressed, that you have drawn OUR Else!!Of course I recognized her at once! The deer is my very important soul-friend, maybe a symbol for the ONE, who loves ALL.The CHILD and the deer are ONE. O, they go with the Hirtenmädel, great,really! And you did not forget the friendly loving-shining woman...

  6. Silent Linde! I heard you and will try to be patient. xx